The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is now in conversations with ANSI to apply for ANSI accreditation 17024 status . We will keep you posted as to our progress in days ahead. This is a very lengthy process and we entend on pursuing this until the end.


We have completed our on line RIGSTAR Web Testing that will be implemented in January 2007 that will have our New 16 module test..... Take a look at a PDF file of the titles of each module that each student will be tested on. This testing is only for registered students and registered individuals paying for the Rigstar Riggers Certification

The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is maintaining it's leadership in being the #1 Training and Testing Certification facility in the world.

Click here to view the New Rigstar 16 module test topics



We have concluded our talks with Bacou-Dalloz, one of the largest providers for fall protection equipment in the world to provide The Rigstar Training and Testing Center with their new revelutionary full body fall protection harness for each student.
I was quite inpressed with this harness the first time I handled it and tried it on. The Bacou-Dalloz company was very receptive in being involved with providing our training class with their new Revolution harness and fall protection literature. Here is a PDF file of their brochure that you can open up and read.
Click here for PDF file of the " Revolution " Harness




International Association for Continuing Education & Training

We are now looking into applying for membership into the IACET as an Authorized Provider of CEU credits. This procedure is quite lengthy and will take some time to complete the whole process but we are committed as usual to maintain that The Rigstar Training and Testing Center as being the #1 Rigging Training, Testing and Certification course in the world.

To learn more about IACET you may go to their web site at

We will keep you posted when this process has been completed. Hopefully before the end of this year.


Massachusetts Dept. of Education

The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is now taking steps to become Licensed in the state of Massachusetts as a Proprietary School for Arena and Theater style rigging.
This will be the 1st. licensed school in our industry in the world that is specific to all aspects of arena and theater style rigging. We have registered for a seminar to take place on August 16th, 2006 in Malden, MA. to learn about " How to complete the Licensure Paperwork" at the Massachusetts Dept. Of Education.
We are looking forward and committed to completing this process as soon as possible this year. This is showing our life long commitment to the high standards and quality that we have set for certifiing individuals as truely qualified riggers in our industry. We must meet very strict conditions and qualifications before being approved and we feel that we have all the strict and conforming qualifications at this time to proceed in the process. After our initial conversation and web site was reviewed of our training and testing program by the Mass. Dept. Of Education, we have qualified to apply for a State Licence. What is the reason why we feel that we want to become licensed?
It's to further benifit our students to have them show to their employers and insurance companies that they are attending a State recognized Licensed training and testing facility, that issues certificates and certification of training and testing. The reasons to attend a school licensed / registered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education is the following:

1. State Licensed directors and instructors
2. State approved curriculum and equipment, reviewed by experts in the field
3. Facilities meet state and local building, fire and health codes
4. Facilities are inspected by State Education officials
5. Complaint process gives student access to regulatory agency
6. Students' tuition is protected by State controlled Tuition Reimbursement Account
7. Approved requirements for admission
8. Catalogs and Enrollment Agreements must meet state standards
9. Refund policies are determined by state regulations
10. Employers and Insurance companies recognize licensed schools as quality Institutions.

We will keep you posted on our progress.

posted: June 27th, 2006




On May 10th, 2006 Steven Kendall completes his Crosby Training course and then takes the Crosby test and scores 100 on 162 question test to become an authorized Crosby trainer.



Steven Kendall is now an official OSHA Authorized Construction Outreach Trainer as of March 24th, 2006
The New Rigstar Training and Testing Manual will now include OSHA Sub Parts of the OSHA construction federal guide lines book that would pertain to our industry. Become
Trained, Tested and Certified by the #1 Facility in the World, RIGSTAR!



Steven Kendall has just completed his training and testing on March 24th, 2006 and is now an OSHA authorized trainer to conduct
10 and 30 hour Construction outreach training. Work that is done in the Arenas, Theaters, Convention Centers, Stadiums, Clubs, Hotels,
Churches and so forth are all under the Construction format of the OSHA's Federal guide lines and SubParts and must be followed for any employer and employee to be in compliance of the laws in the United States of America. Heavey fines can be given to any employer
that is in violation of any OSHA safety and health standards. Steven Kendall is now able to issue OSHA outreach training cards to those
that have been trained by him and tested. This is now another added benifit to become Trained, Tested and Certified at the Rigstar Training and Testing Center than any other facility in the world.


Steven Kendall passes the Petzl Personal Protection Equipment test and has been awarded Petzl's certification certificate on March 27th, 2004.


We have added Vector Works Designer 12 and Render Works by Nemetschek to our list of programs to present greater graphics of Trussses and Bolts along with other structural steel members to be used in the class room presentations. This is the top Cad program for the Mac computer. It will also give us more flexibility to present samples of calculating the math when bridling on a building's steel structure. It cost a lot of money, but we want nothing but the best in our class.

posted 04/15/06


Read some of the responses of past students that returned the Rigstar 10 question Survey that was e-mailed out January of 2006
Click here to open the 5 mb PDF file
You must have Adobe Reader on your computer to open this PDF file. Click logo to down load the free Adobe Reader.


Kendall's News Letters will be a new section to the web site. Steven Kendall will write about News pertaining to rigging.
Keep posted and check back often for Steve Kendall's view points and issues in the world of Rigging.
"The world is a movie and we are all part of the Big Picture"

Posted 01/18/06



Check out the first of many QuickTime rigging videos we will be posting each week.
Produced by the Rigstar Training and Testing Center.
We know that this will be a very popular web page that will be viewed by thousands.
You will need to have the QuickTime player down loaded on your computer to view
these videos. Click on this logo to down load QuickTime Free.
Click on picture above.

Posted 01/14/06


We are very excited about implementing the New 77" SmartBoard interactive White Board in our class room for the new 2006 training season. It will allow us to be more productive in the class room in our presentations and class exercises along with projecting training videos. It will also allow us to be connected directly to the internet to access anyone's company website for referencing technical data in the class room and be able to print out data.
We are happy that Smart Technologies has granted us the Smart Kids Grant for the SmartBoard and the NEC470 projector that we applied for. We had to prove ourself as a school and Smart Technologies has reconized the Rigstar Training and Testing Center as a leading training center for the Concert Theatrical Entertainment rigging industry.
The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is dedicated to the advancement of training and testing riggers involved in the Concert Theatrical Entertaiment industry and to proudly hand out Certification to thoses that have proven themself's at our facility by passing our written and hands on test.



We have added a Mac G5 Quad 2.5 GHz Power PC loaded with 8 geg of ram and a 23" Cinema screen in our class room for presentations and exercises that will interact with the NEC470 projector and the 77" SmartBoard.



We have added a NEC 470 projector to be used with our new SmartBoard Technologies Interactive White Board. This will tie into our new I Mac G5 computer for class room presentations and class exercises.



The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is working on designing a " Rigstar Training and Testing Center Certified Tested Rigger " sew on Patch for those that have passed our rigging course. This patch hopefully will be completed in the next couple of weeks.



"" 1st 2 New "Rigstar Certified Riggers Certificate of Competency" Cards Handed out ""

Mr. Mike Rape and Mr. Kevin Barnhill audio visual technicians of the Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel in The Woodlands, Texas and associates of the Molloy Corporation, are the 1st
two to be awarded the new Rigstar " Certified Riggers Certificate of Competency " Level B
Classification of Riggers. They both passed their written and hands on test on March 12, 2004.


Link to their News Page to read more



"" Rigging Training program to seek college accreditation ""

We have had many individuals that attend a theater college course ask about our rigging course, if they could get credit for attending. It would be up to the individual school if they would want to give you credit for attending. We are taking this quite serious and we are looking into what we can do to have our rigging course become accredited to all colleges. We will keep posting here when we have more progress to inform you about this topic.

Posted May 17, 2004


"" Talks begin for Massachusetts State Rigging Licensing ""

Talks have begun between The Rigstar Training and Testing Center and the Massachusetts State Licensing Board of a special riggers license for the specific field of Concert / Theatrical Entertainment rigging. Material is being gathered together of accidents that have happened in our field to present further evidence that State licensing is important to the validation of an individual
having taken a rigging test and has knowledge of performing our type of rigging, in which they are looking to perform any kind of a rigging task that would involve the safety of the general public. If anyone knows of any documentation anywhere that can help out, we would be pleased to hear from you right away.



"" The Rigstar Training and Testing Center prepares for Producing a Rigging Book ""

Time has come for us to prepare a commercialized Concert / Theatrical Entertainment Rigging book for the general public to purchase. We are not sure on how long it will take, but we are committed to make this happen. We will let you know on the progress as time goes on. Our plans are to have a draft done by the end of this summer. Keep in touch.




"" Rigstar Training and Testing Center to Produce Presentation Video DVD ""

We have compiled still pictures and class videos from the past 3 and a half years and we are about ready to produce a DVD presentation package. We will put a posting in our news room letting you know when it is ready for release. Keep Posted.



"" Sample Video Clips ""

We will be developing a page for sample video clips, hopefully to be completed by the end of this week. We are working to get the file size down for the web right now before we do any posting so it will not take too much time to down load for you to view.



"" For Past Attendees Only ""

You may apply for a Class Certification of Competency Photo ID Card. To do so you must come to the Rigstar Training and Testing Facility to take a two day test. The cost will be $300.00 per day. The Class Certification of Competency awarded will be from D to A.

Class Certification / Link to Page

Posted May 14, 2004



Another Rigstar Training web page will be added for student postings. Only past and present students that have attended our rigging course can have a posting of their availability for hire, along with a link posted of their e-mail address and contact information that is given to us.
We will do all the posting here at our end. All past students must prove that they have attended our course before we will post any information. The cost for this service, FREE !!
We will make every effort to contact companies and facilities informing them of our new web pages that they can keep in touch with.
Who can access this page? It will be opened to the public. How long can your posting last?
Until the day you are hired for a job. We just ask you to please inform us so we can delete the posting. Can you repost? Yes! How many times can I have a posting? As many times as you wish, but only one at a time.
This page should be completed by May 14, 2004

NOW POSTED / Link to Page




A new Rigstar Training web page will be added for students that have attended our rigging course only, to access to see if there are any posting from companies that are looking to hire riggers. This will be an added benefit for attending our rigging course. The cost for this service, FREE !! You will need a pass code to enter and only past and present students will have the privilege to enter. We have had requests in the past from individuals and companies inquiring about hiring riggers and wanted to know if we had any recommendations of students that have attended our course. This will now be fair game for all.
This page should be completed no later than May 14, 2004. Each person that has attended our course will have to call in to our office, give us your name and when you attended, verifying you have indeed attended before we will issue you the pass code.
You will have to have the latest Flash player installed on your computer to access this page.

NOW POSTED / Link To Page

Posted May 10, 2004



We have invested just over $20,000.00 in implementing our own photo ID system in house.
This will allow us to now issue Riggers Certification ID Cards and Badges that are fully
traceable and will give proof of each attendee's hours logged and dates that they attended
via the bar code that is imprinted on each card. This is another step that we feel that is very
important for documentation of each student of our new Certification Program.
Sample card.
The software for the printer keeps track of all sequentially numbered and Bar Coded ID cards.
The Software for the logging of each students time in and out for each subject uses a bar code
scanner to scan each student's ID card and the logged in & out times can never be altered once scanned, which is another integral part of our commitment of proof of our documentation procedures. Our commitment is to continue improving our training course to make sure our Rigging Training Facility remains the #1 outlet in the World


Posted May 10, 2004