The Rigstar Training and Testing Center was established in Dec. 1998
to establish hands on and class room training with testing procedures to prove one's knowledge and conpetency of
world wide standards of rigging in the concert, theatrical and motion pictures industry.

Steven Kendall along with other established riggers in late 1968 inovated the concert industry to hang the sound and lighting
in arenas througout the world with electric chain hoists being used in the inverted position. Steven Kendall along with the
other established riggers formulated procedures of ground rigging and high rigging that became the standards in our industry today.

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First 2 students awarded Certified Riggers Certificate of
Competency ID Cards. Mr. Mike Rape & Mr, Kevin Barnhill of
the Woodlands Waterway Marriott, The Woodlands, Texas
Old style Sample, no longer issued, of attendees Awarded Rigstar Certification ID cards.

"" Certification card issued ""

"" Primary Certification Card ""

Front Certification card shows student's photo and name, ID # and date of birth, Cert. Classification and security Logo

The front of this card has a security feature which is at the botton right hand corner of each card.
Three 3D Hologram Globes on top of a triangle and surrounded with small stars as
shown below for authantisity
of the Rigstar Certification Cards. Also to prevent any forgery or illegal replication of our cards.



Back of Certification card has dates attended, hours logged in at Class, instructors signature, and Bar Code of the student's information on file
as an additional security of authantisity of the individual listed on the certification card. We can scan the bar code and certify exactly who the
person is that was issued this card. Email us a copy of the front and back side of the card in question and we can verify the person on the card.



Certification Meanings and Levels

The below numbers ( 1-13 ) are related to the certification meanings and levels that are posted on the photo ID card.
Each student has been trained hands on as well as class room instructions as it pertains to the below subject matters. The written tests is conducted online
at "" utilizing their testing program.
The Hands on test, Closed Book, is conducted onsite as well as hands on performance assessments. If any of these numbers are shown on their photo ID card then they have succesfuly passed that subject module of The Rigstar Training and Testing Certification course with a level of competency , level 1, 2, or 3. (see below meanings)

A numbering system is used for each subject module. See front side sample Photo ID below. The Back side remains the same layout as above.
The New card is not a plastic credit card type card but a laminated Photo ID card with a 3 globe Hologram sticker affixed at this time, as security
of authantisity of the individual listed on the certification card.


1. Rigging Hardware: Knows how to find the strength of rigging equipment and how to use it.

2. Knots: Knows how to perform the main knots used to suspend loads. Hands on assessment.

3. Math for Bridling, Tension and Forces: Knows how to calculate bridle lengths,
tension on a bridle leg, Vertical & Horizontal force generated to the steel structure
that the bridle is attached to.

4. Fall Protection: Knows the pertinent information of the equipment, use and
inspection of as well as a rescue plan and equipment use.

5. Ground Rigging Procedures: Knows how to perform standard ground rigging
procedures for putting together dead hangs, bridles, chokes, open and closed basket
hitches as well has marking points on the ground for a production show. Hands on assessment.

6. Chain Hoist: Knows the mechanical, electrical workings and proper use of an electric
chain hoist as well as manual hoists.

7. Hoist Control System: Knows how to use as well as the electric path and function of a
manual hoist control system.

8. Trusses: Knows the theory and function of a truss. How to put together sections and
hang a truss with slings. How to calculate distribution of loads on a truss going to each
hoist suspending a truss system. Inspection of trusses.

9. Mechanical advantages of Block & Tackle and Pulleys: Knows how to calculate the
mechanical advantage of a block and tackle as well as tension to a pulley block. The
use and make up of a block and tackle as well as load rating.

10. High Rigging Theater Grid: Knows the components of a counter weight system and

their function.

11. Open steel rigging procedures: Able to walk on steel structure high above ground
level. This would also include rigging from a man lift. Was able to hands on perform
efficiently attaching bridle legs and dead hangs as well as adjusting the lengths. Was
able to pull up at least 50 lbs. of weight, equal to approximately hanging 50 feet of
chain from a 1 ton chain hoist. Use of a Klein tool, carabiners, and a sheave. Hands on assessment.

12. Theater grid rigging procedures: Able to perform hanging open basket hitch to the
3” C channel steel, closed basket hitch to a spreader pipe across the 3” C channel, Split
basket hitch around the two 12” C channel of the well opening, Bridling from 12” to
12” C channel of the well openings. Hands on assessment.

13. Open steel rigging procedures: Rigging from a Man lift or other means other than
performing on open steel structures only: Is able to perform attaching bridle legs and
dead hangs to a steel structure from a man lift or ladder only. Hands on assessment.

Hands on Rigging ability level.
Level: none listed = Beginner just starting - Does not have experience rigging above ground level on open steel structure at our course. Ground rigging only.
Level 1:
Beginner just starting, may need to be supervised.
Level 2: Has some experience or performed quite well hands on at our facility.
Level 3: Has a lot of experience hands on before attending our facility and performed exceptionally well Hands On at our facility.


The first of its kind now offered by the Rigstar Training and Testing Center

Rigstar is offering this classification as a certificate of being a" Certified Rigger " by The Rigstar Training and Testing Center
in the field of Concert / Theatrical and Live Entertainment Rigging.

Meaning of the word "Qualification" accourding to Webster's New College Dictionary:

1. An act of qualifying or the state of being qualified. 2. A quality or ability that makes one eligible or suitable < has good qualifications to be a manager >
3. A condition or circumstance that must be satisfied. 4 A restriction or modification.
* syns: Qualification, Eligibility, Fitness, Suitableness n. core meaning: the quality or state of being eligible < a person of unquestionable qualification >

verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ] (often be certified) attest or confirm in a formal statement : the profits for the year had been certified by the auditors | [with clause ] the medical witness certified that death was due to cerebral hemorrhage. See note at approve . • [often as adj. ] ( certified) officially recognize (someone or something) as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards : a certified scuba instructor | board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. • officially declare insane.
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French certifier, from late Latin certificare, from Latin certus ‘certain.’

The meaning of the word " Competent "
Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.
* ( of a person) efficient and capable: an infinitely competent mother of three.
* acceptable and satisfactory, though not outstanding: she spoke quite competent French.
* (cheifly of a court or other body) accepted as having legal authority to deal with a particular matter :
the governor was not the competent authority to deal with the matter.

com pe tent ly , adverb
ORIGIN - late Middle English (in the sense [suitable, adequate] ): from Latin competent-, from the verb competere in its earlier sense ‘be fit or proper’.


COMPETENT: adjective, 1. a competent carpenter capable, able, proficient, adept, adroit, accomplished, complete, skillful, skilled, credentialed, gifted, talented, expert; good, excellent; informal great, mean, wicked, nifty, ace. 2. she spoke competent French adequate, acceptable, satisfactory, reasonable, fair, decent, not bad, all right, average, tolerable, passable, moderate, middling; informal OK, okay, so-so, ‘comme ci, comme ça’. antonym inadequate. 3. the court was not competent to hear the case fit, suitable, suited, appropriate; qualified, empowered, authorized. antonym unfit.


The Rigstar Training and Testing Center is setting the standards for the meaning of a " Qualified and Certified Rigger "

We would like to have all facilities join us in making sure that anyone that performs rigging in or around a facility has some kind of Certification
and proof of training in this specialized field of Concert / Theatrical Entertainment Rigging and how qualified they are.
A person that has only performed rigging on a construction site is not necessarily trained in the specialized field of Concert / Theatrical Entertainment Rigging.

Standard Certificate shown below


Each student is awarded the Standard Rigstar Certificate that is laminated and has a 3 globe hologram sticker.
We laminate each Certificate so it can not be altered and we affix a 3 globe hologram sticker for security and authenticity.
What is listed on our certificate is the subjects that they participated in, hands on and class room. If they miss a day
or happen to leave the class for a few hours, then they would not get credit for that particular topic being taught at
the time and would not be listed on their certificate. This is not a pre made certificate that is handed out at the end
of the course to save time. This certificate is very personable to each individual that attends our course and can not
be altered in any way. In addition, their full name is listed, the total hours that they attended, the dates that they
attended, when the certificate was issued, Certificate number and the instructor's signature validating
the contents and all documentation that are on file at our facility of each student. To be issued this certificate does
not require an individual to take our test at the end of the course, only that they have participated in going through
our training. The test is mandatory only for those seeking Certifications to be issued the Photo ID Cards.


"TESTING Procedures" There are two portions of the Certification test.

Hands On test, Total, 2 hour time limit : Closed book Test procedures.
1. Knots & Hitches
2. Ground rigging procedures

Written online Multiple choice test, taken online at, Time limit for each module is 1 hour:
3. Rigging Hardware
4. Chain Hoist
5. Hoist Control System
6. Trusses
7. Fall Protection
8. Block & Tackle, Pulleys
9. Math for Bridling, Tension, and Forces
10. Theater Grid Rigging

Finally there is an assement number 1, 2, or 3 based on a students performance while at our facility. See meaning above.

Certification is valid for a period of 3 years.

Renewal of one's Certification is an online Test conducted at .



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