RIGSTAR Hoist Animation Controller

Computerized Motor Control System

Configurable from 1 - 128 Hoist Channels with over 65,000 cues.

This is the program screen that allows you to set or run all your hoists to preset positions. There are a lot of built in safety features in the RIGSTAR computerized control systems and other features that will make your job much easier to operate and monitor all computerized hoists.

FEATURES starting at the top of the page:

Preset down limits. If the hoist ever runs past it's set point and reaches the down limit, the hoist and the group it is set in will all stop until the fault has been corrected and reset. You can set the channels to blink different colors as a warning something is very, very wrong. The set point is a black line on the screen. These lines can be set to be solid or blink in different colors.

Counter. Each channel has a distance counter, showing the footage of travel as the hoist moves.

Channels numbered. Each channel is numbered and it will flash if a hoist is not running when it should be running. The fault button must be pressed after the problem has been corrected. All hoists in that group will shut down.

Hoist channels. There are two rectangular boxes in each channel. The red box is the set point that you can slide to the distance that you wish the hoist to go to. The green box will move when the run button is pressed and a yellow rectangle will follow above it downward with the green box until it reaches it's set point red box.The hoist will then stop and the green box will then be behind the red box. All you will see then is the red box letting you know that you have reached your set distance. You can set different colors for the back round, each box, and vertical rectangle to blink slow, medium, or fast for each channel as warning signs.

Fault Reset Button. The Fault Reset button is used to reset the hoist in it's group to run again when a problem with the hoist has been corrected. The group will not run unless the problem hoist has been corrected. This button is located near the top right corner.

Grouping. Each hoist can be grouped to run with any other hoist so it can be monitored . If any hoist in it's group does not move when it is suppose to, the whole group will stop running so you do not damage your equipment.

ON / OFF Switch. This switch activates the hoist on or off for each cue.

Scaling. Each hoist can be scaled according to the encoder pulse that is installed in a hoist.

Height Offset. The height offset is a feature that lets you change every hoist distance in every cue that you have saved + or - from your original saved programmed cues. This feature saves you hours from changing ever hoist in every cue to a different distance. If you move into a building that has a lower ceiling height and you can not rig your equipment to the height it needs to be to run your cues, then you can offset your hoists distance without reprogramming every cue.

Stop Watch. The stop watch can be turned on & off to time an event.

Time. To let you know what time it is.

Date. To let you know what month, day, and year it is.

Counter Reset. The counter reset button sets the counters in the Main brain to 0 when you have run all computerized hoists to their home positions.

Teach. The Teach button lets you save all settings for a cue that you have set: hoist settings, cue number, event name for that cue #, and delay time before running that cue. It saves all information set for that cue number and transfers it to a master list screen.

Add Cue. You can set a cue number to be referenced to the settings of your hoists to be recalled in the animation run screen.

Edit Cue. You can edit any cue by reloading it by it's cue number and then changing the settings and pressing the teach button to save the new settings.

Event. Event is a text box that you can type in a name of a song or event.

Animation Screen

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