The Rigstar Training and Testing Center's Certification Course.

In 1998, The Rigstar Rigging Company spawned the Rigstar Training and Testing Center in the response to many individuals wanting to learn the correct procedures of the unique field of Concert / Theatrical Entertainment rigging.

The goal of the rigging course is to provide students with the correct knowledge to enter into the live event industry with the practical and technical knowledge  required to succeed with rigging correctly in many facilities around the world.
This training, testing, and certification course is not only focused on the concert and touring market, but a wide variety of related rigging jobs throughout the world of live events including theatrical production, conventions, theme park production, hotels, installations, and other live-based productions.

To date, there are no other known programs that provide Training, Testing and Certification entirely dedicated to the field of live entertainment rigging.
There are seminars around the world and theater degree programs, however  nobody has the depth of curriculum, equipment, facility and overall scope focused on career training in the field that is specific to live arena, theater, entertainment,  hotel and outdoor rigging.

The Rigstar Training and Testing Center’s Mission statement

The Rigstar Certifcation course is dedicated to technical theory and procedures, engineering skills and design concepts. Each individual gaining hands on practical experience along with class room training and exercises to solidify their knowledge within several key topics encompassing the individual to gain knowledge in a wide peripheral vision and hands on skills of all aspects of the entertainment rigging field.
The training also encompasses OSHA and ANSI regulations, along with manufactures
stipulation of correct use of a product, their limitations and liability.

To provide professional training, testing,  and Certification of Competency of an individuals level of qualification in the field of rigging that he or she may present as documentation  and proof of having a level of competency to an arena, theater, hotel, convention center, stadium,
sound, lighting, video,  production and insurance companies management staff.

To train management staff to identify safe and correct rigging procedures when rigging is being performed in their facility by an individual. To know how to pre-qualify an individual applying for a rigging position within their facility or company.

Training, Testing and Documentation of such is the main focal point of Certification of a person before hiring a person as a rigger.

Students will be trained using a “building block” and “puzzle assembly” approach laying each subject matter out systematically to finally piecing the whole puzzle together on the last day to see the whole picture at hand on a hands on basis.

Each student will gain knowledge on the highest quality equipment using the most up to date curriculum instructed by an industry professional with many awarded credentials to his own resume. Individual courses will provide focus on diverse concepts and technology enabling each student to finally piece together all the parts related to live entertainment rigging. To harness and utilize their knowledge in the correct procedures of rigging as a whole in the live entertainment industry. To give them reasons behind each statement and not to just speak to them as being in a lecture hall.

Competency will be measured by not only written and hands on testing at the end of the course but also by the instructor’s visual observation  throughout the course of how well a student comprehends each subject matter when presented with hands on and written exercises.
On completion of the rigging course individuals will have a wider and greater understanding of what is completely involved in rigging in the live entertainment industry along with having a better understanding and respect of the components they are using and using them correctly.

I feel the bottom line of a certified rigger is that, a person needs to be tested not ony by his written knowledge but also as important on his hands on performance.

Think about it, if you want a truck drivers license, can you go into the registry of motor vehicles and just take a written test and give them some paper work saying that you have been driving a 52 ft. semi truck for many years and think they are just going to give you a license without you taking a hands on road test. You know for a fact that they wouldn't.

Written paper work stating from others that you have been rigging for years as a pre qualification of taking a Riggers Certifcation test in my mind and all the educators minds that I have talked to, cleary states other wise.
The papers only state that you have been rigging for years but not how well you have been performing, and even that can be doctored up just so you can pre qualify on taking a test.

A person can be book smart and pass all the tests that there are but be a bumbling dunch on hands on performance with a high factor of liability.
I have seen it on the job site over and over again.

Insist on a certified rigger that has been Professionally Trained, Tested and Certified by an established institution with high standards of credintals that is specifically set up to conduct each one of these steps.
This is what the Rigstar Training and Testing Center was established to do on a full time basis. Training, Testing and Certifiing individuals every other week throughout the year
on written and hands on performance.


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