RIGSTAR Training Application

Please Type or Print Clearly ---------Instructions-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date___/___/___


Company Name______________________________________________________

Address___________________________________________City________________ State___________ Zip Code_____________ Country ___________________

Phone ___________________________Fax______________________________

E-Mail address__________________________________________________

Which course are you interested in attending: "The Complete Rigger" [ ] or "Right To The Point" [ ] or "Construction and Industrial Rigging" [ ] Custom Course [ ]

Any added days you are requesting to your course?: Yes [ ] No [ ] If yes how many: ________ Pricing on Any added days is $471.43 per 8 hour day (This adder is only for those wanting to extend beyond their 7 day course.)

[ ] Custom Class Course: Number of days________ Cost: $80 per Hour per student = Total __________

[ ] 7 Days "Complete Rigger" Hands on Training and Testing Certification course ($3,300.00)

Level 1, 2 or 3. Level 3 is based on pre qualifing with at least 312 hours of high rigging experiance performing on either an open steel structure or from a high lift.

Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Please Note that Riggers Classification Level is issued based on each students hands on performance during the course.
Certification cards are issued to those completing their course with passing the hands on and written online test.

Testing is a Pass or Fail system.

It is possible for a Level 3 Classification without the additional 2 days. Student must have at least 312 hours of hands on rigging on high steel to qualify and must submit documentation as proof, along with performing proficiently at our facilty without faltering on our upper steel structure. Please call for details.
( Rigging high steel as pertaining to the concert, theatrical and entertainment field only, not as a industrial construction worker or rigger )

[ ] 7 Days "Right To The Point" Hands on Training and Testing Certification course ($3,300.00)

Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 12 or 13.

[ ] 1 day Basic rigging seminar. ($800.00) no testing is involved.

[ ] Two day Seminar ($1,600.00) no testing is involved.

[ ] 4 weeks Hands on Training & Testing Tour Rigging Certification ($13,200.00) for a possible
Level 3 Classification. Based on the first 3 weeks being 5 days ( Monday to Friday ) with Saturday & Sunday off. The 4th week being 7 days, Monday through Sunday and the Hands on test will be conducted on the following Monday in the morning for 2 hours.

[ ] 7 day Construction and Industrial Rigging Certification Course ($3,300.00)

Certification is based on the Testing Modules that a student has Passed.
example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, or 13.

Hands on testing will be based on closed book for Level 1 , 2 and 3.
Written test will be based on open book multiple choice questions and will be conducted online.


Please check Schedule dates for dates offered for the current year

What dates would you be interested in attending the Training Center?_____________________________

To attend you must be 18 years or older for the hands on course or have parental permission.

Are you 18 years or older? [ ] Yes [ ] No --Date of birth___/___/____

Height ___ feet ___ inches --Weight____ pounds

Circle One: My health and physical condition is: -------------------------Excellent / Good / Fair / Poor

Have you had any injuries that may affect your ability to perform in the rigging industry? (Please List)


Are you on any medications that may effect your vision, balance, awareness, cause drowsiness, or affect your ability to astutely comprehend any part of the course?_________________________

Do You have any form of Dyslexia? ____________ How sevear if yes? ______________________________ Do you take medication for it? ____________ Do you have any form of ADD? ____________

Maximum weight you can safely lift?_________

Do you have any fears of heights?_________

You may be restricted to participate in only a portion of the course due to your health and physical condition. These restrictions may be determined by Rigstar if it is decided that your safety may be at risk or may cause a risk to the safety of other participants.

Education Background:--College___________________--Trade or Business School_____________________

Name and Location of School:_______________________________________

Years attended_______________Did you Graduate?_______ Subjects_______________________________

In case of emergency notify: Name_________________________________Relationship_____________________________

Address_______________________________________________ Phone Number_________________

Prerequisites to attend the Rigstar Training and Testing Center:

Be able to read, understand, comprehend and speak the English language fluently is a must in succeeding in our rigging course.
Should be able to read and understand all marks on a scaled ruler.
Should be able to change a fraction into a decimal number and understand the decimal number system.
Must be able to conduct basic math functions on a calculator such as Add, Subtract, Divide, and Multiply is a must.

Do you conform to all the above "Prerequisites" Yes______ No _______

Please list in detail the experience that you have in the following areas:

Block and Falls_______________________ Electronics/Electricity__________________________________
Steel Cables_________________________ Maintenance/Repair of chain hoists_______________________
Shackles____________________________ Maintenance/Repair of control systems____________________
Hooks______________________________ Use of computerized control systems______________________
Oval Rings__________________________ Use of digital preset counters____________________________
Turn Buckles_________________________ Laser rigging techniques_______________________________
Round Slings________________________ Load and break testing_________________________________
K-Link Slings________________________ Fall protection_______________________________________
Rope______________________________ Knots_____________________________________________
I-Bolts______________________________ Math Formulas_______________________________________
Carabiners___________________________ Correct use of rigging materials__________________________
Repelling Equipment___________________ Bending moments of materials___________________________
Motor Control Systems_________________ Side loading, compression______________________________
Hanging Lighting Systems______________ Hanging Speaker Systems______________________________

Please list any other related experience________________________________________________________

Have you attended other rigging seminars?_________Where__________________________________

Which aspects of the rigging industry would you like to expand your knowledge on while attending the Rigstar Training Center?



Upon completion of the course would you like to be tested on your knowledge and ability? (Please know that you may change your decision on this answer at anytime throughout the course) Yes_________ No______

The following payment "Typed in Black letters below" applies to all courses"
"Except the 4 week course" as follows: which requires Full payment to guarantee the 4 weeks and must be arranged ahead of time. Parcel payment does not guarantee or secure the 4 week course applying for on your application form. If other work has been scheduled within the Rigstar company before your full payment has been received, then you will have forfeited the initial dates applying for and you will have to arrange other days in aggreement with Rigstar and submit a new signed application form.

4 week course Cancellation terms:
Once Full Payment has been received, The 4 week course cannot be cancelled unless it falls under the stipulations set forth below under the "Uncontrollable Conditions" or unless other wise agreed upon by both "Rigstar and the Trainee" in writing and signed by both Rigstar and the Trainee. "Any payment toward the 4 week course is non refundable"

"The following payment terms apply to all courses" Except the 4 week course stated above in RED type:
Full payment is due at least 30 days before attending to guarantee a seat. We suggest you reserve a spot at least 30 days or more in advance since space will be limited to only 6 students for each class. Refunds will be sent out if notified at least 21 days in advance, in writing by certified mail only, of their class date, less $100.00 for administration costs. Fax or e-mail will not be accepted as a notice of cancellation from a participant, due to possible electronic problems. "No refund will be given there after the 21 day notice policy". "When a student starts the course, "No refund will be given once the class has started

You will not suffer the loss of the administration charge of $100.00 as long as you reschedule and your full payment has been made.
The $100.00 will be forfeited if you request your money back 21 days before the class starts.
If notice of cancelation is not given 21 days or more in advance prior to your schedule start date of the class,
you will forfeit the total amount, but you will have 2 months to reschedule a dates within the next 2 months
after your 1st schedule date. I will try to accommodate each person in a matter like this as best as possible.

Please note that no one is confirmed a seat unless full payment is cleared in our bank at least two weeks before
their schedule starting date that they picked. Out of state checks take about 5 to 7 business days to clear so you
would have to allow an additional week within the process totaling 3 weeks before your starting date.
To speed up the process it would be best to Fed-X a Cashiers check or certified bank Money order.
This we know is guarantied funds by a bank. I am sorry to say but we do not take any form of credit cards
or Purchase Orders at this time. Please do not send any cash through the mail.

Any one from outside the United States will have to transfer funds via bank wire transfer direct to our account and must be
cleared 14 days before attending the starting date of the class they have picked along with any bank surcharges or fees that
may occur to our account because of the wire transfer.

All attendees must be covered by their own medical insurance. Attendees of the Rigstar Training center will assume all risk of any injury that may happen to them while at the Rigstar Training Center and on any field trips.

The Rigstar Training and Testing Center does not guarantee an attendee of this class is suited or knowledgeable enough for any specific job that he or she may apply for after attending the Rigstar Training and Testing Center due to each persons own learning capabilities.

Uncontrollable conditions: The Rigstar Training and Testing Center and any employee will not be held responsible for any condition that may delay training due to adverse weather, power outage or sickness of a trainer beyound Rigstar's control.
All reasonable efforts will be taken by Rigstar Training and Testing Center to reschedule lost time in a class due to uncontrollable conditions as stated but will not be liable for any additional expenses that a student may incur.

Day Course Time Schedule may be altered in any given day: Please Note that the start times and end times may change during the course week due to prior commitments or other obligations that the instructor may have.
So if a class day ends earlier than normal then the start time the following day may start earlier or may go longer to make shure you receive all the time needed
to complete the full course training. There is always extra time allotted during the week days as well as the weekend to make up any behind time that may happen.

I understand the illegal drug and alcohol policy set forth below of the Rigstar Training Center and know that if I fail to comply to these guidelines I will be dismissed without reimbursement of any kind."

Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, Missed Days, and Misconduct Policy: No one will be allowed to attend any class under the influence of illegal drugs and or alcohol. Being hung over from going out in the evening prior to the next day class will be considered as under the influence and you will not be allowed to attend that day's class. You agree to leave the class when asked by any Rigstar instructor if you are under the influence of any illegal drugs and or alcohol. There will not be any make up days during your week class. You may make up any day lost for an additional fee after the completetion of your scheduled week. You must attend the scheduled number of days and hours for your week as part of your requirements to qualify for the Rigstar Certification. Any misconduct or inappropriate behavior of any kind during a class will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the class without reimbursement of any kind.

"I further understand and agree that I will not be allowed to arrive at the Rigstar Training course if sick with any form of the flu and I will contact Rigstar in advance of such sickness but will be allowed to reschedule to another class week." I also understand and agree that there will be no reimbursement of any kind due to my illness.

"I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and I agree to all conditions to the Rigstar Application.




For The Rigstar Training and Testing Center Course

Course #__________Dates_____________________

The undersigned,___________________________ (Trainee), voluntarily makes and grants this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of The Rigstar Training and Testing Center as partial consideration (in addition to monies paid to Rigstar; and/or to receive assistance, training, guidance, tutelage and/or instruction from the personnel of Rigstar; and/or to engage in the activities, events, sports, festivities and/or gatherings sponsored by Rigstar.

I,_____________________________do hereby waive and release any and all claims whether in contract or of personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, damages, losses and/or death that may arise from my participation in the Rigstar Training and Testing Course, as I understand and recognize that there are certain risks, dangers, and perils connected with such course, which I hereby acknowledge have been fully explained to me and which I fully understand, and which I nevertheless accept, assume and undertake after inquiry and investigation of extent, duration, and completeness wholly satisfactory and acceptable to me. I further agree to use my best judgement in undertaking these activities, and to faithfully adhere to all instructions, safety or otherwise, and recommendations, whether oral or written. I hereby certify that I am a competent adult assuming these risks of my own free will being under no compulsion or duress. This Waiver and Assumption of Risk is effective from_______(year), to_______(year), inclusive, and may not be revoked, altered, amended, rescinded or voided without the express prior written consent of Rigstar. Also by signing this form, you are giving permission to the Rigstar Training and Testing Center
and any associated member of our company to take pictures and or videos of you in a class at any time to be used for possible training and or promotional advertisement of the company in any way it feels fit for a one time fee of no more than $1.00 dollar if any such video or pictures of you are to be used.
The Rigstar Training and Testing Center will be the sole owner of any and all videos and or pictures taken during the class dates.

Print Name______________________________________ Date__________________

Trainee's Signature________________________________. Age___________________






Print this application and waver. Fill out completely and sign. Fax, Email or Postal Mail to:

Make payment payable to: Rigstar Training and Testing Center or RIGSTAR CORPORATION

(The RIGSTAR Training and Testing Center is a Div. of the RIGSTAR CORPORATION)


82 Industrial Drive Unit 4

Northampton, MA 01060

Fax: 413-585-9872

email: steve@rigstar.com

Any questions please do not hesitate in contacting Steven Kendall at 1(413) 585-9869 or email: steve@rigstar.com

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