=Strength Training and Conditioning=

Strength and Conditioning starts in the kitchen. It's about what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat during each day of your life.

Then it's taking the proper food intake and converting it into energy by specialized weight training to build muscle and strength. It's not easy when you first start but when you get into it and start seeing the results in a healthier and stronger you, it then becomes a life style.

Learning about supplementation to fuel protein synthesis is important to build muscle and strength.

Our specialized training is designed specifically for those involved in the live entertainment industry for rigging. It's mostly about pulling conditioning than pushing because that's what us riggers do, is pulling up points to be rigged in place to a structure.


Strength Training and Conditioning is also offered to Stunt performers and Actors in the motion picture industry that need to get in shape for high impact demanding performing on set locations and on stage.


The training is about "Mind - Muscle" connection to yield positive results.

"Unilateral Training", focusing on training each side with separate weight at the same time, with concentration on three muscle contractions:

1. Concentric ( Positive: Shortening of the Muscle )

2. Isometric ( Static: Holding without movement )

3. Eccentric ( Negative: Lengthening of the Muscle )

We concentrate as well on feeling the "Time Under Tension" with the three muscle contractions to tear down the muscle tissue so it can rebuild and

grow new and added muscle tissue for over all strength.


The training is offered to students that attend any of our rigging courses for 1 hour each day after the class is over for the day, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The training is also offered to those that wish to come in and train when there is not a rigging class being conducted during a week.


We have all the necessary gym equipment in house to provide our specialized Strength and Conditioning training on site as well as conducting

training anywhere in the world at your facility.


So, if you are not feeling quite up to par with your strength and conditioning for pulling up points, for action movies and stage performances, then Join us and feel the Strength! I assure you, You'll feel a world of difference in your performance from our training and conditioning workouts!!


The hourly rate is set at $75 per hour and is by appointment only.


You may call for more details: 1-413-585-9869 or email info@rigstar.com


Websites with a great amount of information I frequent a lot....... https://www.bodybuilding.com    and   https://bpisports.com

Also a person that started BPI Sports, James Grage, has a wealth of knowledge and his videos on YouTube are greatly inspirational, Motivating and worth watching and learning from.    https://www.youtube.com/user/JamesGrage/videos