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RIGSTAR Training and Testing Center Course  Schedule


7 day Course


I'm sorry to say that We have no classes scheduled at this time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.
Because of students normally coming from around the world to attend our course and the regulations
that have been set forth from state to state and country to country for quarantining, we have decided for
the safety and well being of all, to not hold classes at our facility until further notice.


"Safety and the Wellness is our top priority for all"


I tried last year, 2020, to hold a ZOOM class for the class room portion of the course but due to the on-line
inter-net data speed that varied drastically from one person to another with a few practice runs that it did not work out.


This has been a very hard time for the whole world and we are all in this together. Hopefully it will not last too much longer.


Please keep checking back from time to time for any further updates on future class dates.


Be well and stay safe!


If you wish to contact me directly to see if an on site course can be held, you may contact me by phone or email:


Steven Kendall...... steve@rigstar.com ........ office: 1-413-585-9869 or cell phone & text 1-413-461-6000
I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you and all the best of Cheers!








You should arrive in Northampton, Ma. a day before to be ready to start at 8:00 a.m. on the first day !!!!! The 7 days are approximately 12 hour days with 1 hour off for lunch.


Additional days can be added to your course after the 7 days if you feel you want more time to train.

The cost is prorated by dividing the 7 day week's tuition by 7 which would equal the cost per additional day.


Please note that other week long classes can be scheduled in between the above dates

as long as nothing else has been scheduled for work in that week.


Also, special classes can be tailored to a groups needs and conducted at your facility.

Please call to discuss details and cost.


Next year class schedule will be posted in mid November of this year.


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