On Site Rigging Course - Details


There are advantages to having a rigging course conducted at your facility!


The Advantage: At your facility.

The tuition cost per student remains the same as if each student came to our facility. The advantage for you is that you are flying one person, the Rigstar instructor, and not each individual student from your company as well as only paying for one hotel room, meals per day for one person.

The rigging course is tailored to your facility and rigging equipment and allows each student to still be able to return home at the end of each day to their family.


The Disadvantage: At your facility.

Although each student gets to return home to their family at the end of each day, I have found that a lot of times they become distracted and not focused on getting their homework done to be prepared for the following day.

If the company does not have the rigging equipment and or facility to conduct the hands on portion of the rigging course, they would then have to rent equipment needed for the hands on portion from another company.

Manufacturing different slings and Doing load & break tests to slings a student makes would not be able to be done as it would be at our facility.


The Advantage: At our facility.

All equipment is available at our facility to conduct a complete class and hands on rigging course. Nothing is needed by each student.

Students tend to do much better at our facility and are much more focused without distraction from home and family environments.

Students are able to network and study with other students to learn and collaborate with.

You are not paying additional expense for an instructor to conduct the rigging course such as per diem for away from home expenses, car rental, long term parking for the instructor's car at the airport, shipping of rigging manuals, shipping of  any equipment needed for the class that you are unable to provide, a rigging preparation fee and you are not paying for a travel fee to your facility and returning back home for the instructor.



Additional cost to our client by conducting a rigging course at their facility in addition to each students tuition fee:

1. Long term parking for instructor's car at departing airport:   $12 per day x 9 days = $108.00

2. Airplane flight round trip starting from Bradley International Airport (BDL)

3. Hotel accommodations for 9 nights. When conducting a 7 day rigging course. 3 to 4 star hotel rating.

4. Car rental from your airport for 9 days.

5. Per Diem for 9 days:  $75 per day x 9 = $675

6. Shipping costs of all rigging manuals and note books from our facility.

7. Shipping costs of any rigging equipment needed for the course and returning back to our facility.

8. Rigging course preparation and communication Fee:  $378.00

9. Travel day Fee is based on traveling a day before the first day class starting and the day after the class ends to travel back home:  $750 x 2 = $1,500.00

10. Any additional fees that may have been unforeseen that would be related to your rigging course.


Responsibility of facility:

The facility will need to provide the following:

1. Tables and chairs for the class room portion of the rigging course.

2. Video projector, audio for projector so our Apple computer can be used.

3. All rigging equipment needed for the course.

4. Bottle water and assortment of snacks during the classes.

5. A facility antiquity appropriate to conduct the rigging course.


Additional Questions:

Any additional question and answers can be discussed via phone, email or text.