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" Insist on a Trained, Tested, and Certified Rigger on your job site "

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Steven Kendall is an OSHA Authorized Construction Outreach Trainer.
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"A Higher Level of Training & Certification"


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The most comprehensive rigging company in the world specific and dedicated to the concert, theatrical, and entertainment industry.
The number 1 rigging training and tseting certification offered in the world!

There is no room for compensating for correct and professional complete rigging training that is dedicated and specific to the Concert, Theatrical, and
Entertainment industry. That which will give you Hands On and Class Room Training, along with hands on and written exercises to perform and then
to be tested on your final skill level. " Picking any other Rigging Training and Testing Certification course, other than Rigstar, would be Compensating "

There is no other rigging facility or training and testing center in the world that is completely set up that teaches the complete aspects of Concert, Theatrical
and Entertainment Rigging. Detailing tour rigging and in house rigging in multiple facilities and conditions. Communication skills between the two is paramount
and essential between house rigger and road rigger also for a smooth and safe rigging day. Compare and you will see, RIGSTAR will be your first choice!

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